A online novel that is visual Windows, macOS, and Linux

A quick artistic novel around three and a half “love stories” featuring a homosexual alien boy known as Kale, whose matchmaking roomie Sugar is decided to aid him find real love. However when Sugar ‘s a cupid together with agenda that is own and Kale’s possible soulmates are under a spell, can love actually be all that real?

(There are four endings also it takes not as much as an hour over four play-throughs if you need see all of them. This fully spoiler-y link ! to make sure you’re on the right track with them, or to read about the optional content warnings for everything going on with Cupid Date, click)

With many many many thanks to:Adryn, for character designs and character sprites!GlassHeart, for history art and design that is setting, for logo design and graphical user interface design!Green Bear musical for the sound recording!SprigganArt, for the title screen art!You, just for stopping by!

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And so I’m 2 yrs later for this, but many thanks in making this game. The art is gorgeous (glucose is adorable, Kale is attractive, most people are adorable. ) and you also managed the topics with respect and optimism.

This video game made me sob that are gross

oh my god, THIS GAME! is loved by me!

I recently got playing that is finished it really is AMAZING! I do not would you like to spoil certainly not We recommend playing this game!

I must say I liked this game. From what I understand, both glucose and Kale be seemingly from the autism range, Flirt dating that we appreciated. We noticed Kale, specially, along with his trouble in chatting with attention contact/slow response time, reduced intelligence/ability than their alien family members, and placing their hands over their mind as he is pleased.

In addition actually appreciate your tale message and structure. I’m maybe perhaps perhaps not during the best place during my life, however your figures reminding me personally that everybody is exclusive and unique, that in specific my current is an excellent thing is a few of the positivity that We really appreciate.

Each time we have an ending, it simply says bad closing it doesn’t matter what i really do.

i freakin’ loved this video game!

I must say I liked the figures (mostly sugar for apparent reasons)

i mostly downloaded the game as the artwork seemed amazing therefore the figures seemed interesting

i wan’t disappointed (not really a small bit)

i came right here simply to locate one thing gay because i’m, and also the art with this game is indeed gorgeous. I acquired something a great deal better. I am positively in deep love with the figures, particularly sugar and kale, (that are THESE precious names btw) i hope I could see more content from you, with one of these figures or some of yours really. i dont have actually much cash, but I really hope tipping you some with this conveys exactly what my words honestly cant because? it was breathtaking. many thanks consequently so plenty

Maybe there is a variation for windows? This appears super precious but We have windows

The “PC” build — the next one regarding the list — is for Windows, actually! Your remark actually made me understand we hadn’t marked it precisely in Itchio’s system, nevertheless now each file is obviously labeled aided by the icons that are little. Many thanks, i may never otherwise have noticed!

finally played through every one of it and. wow. it absolutely was amazing – particularly the end. we thought i had been likely to be disappointed by the endings i held getting, but as soon as I obtained the ending that does work i had been therefore, therefore delighted. and everything had been amazing! I can not wait to see more from you ;w;

Oh, i am actually happy it was enjoyed by you! This really is this kind of sweet remark to keep, many thanks a great deal to take the full time to publish it; ideally i’m going to be in a position to carry on this option’ tale 1 day, I positively had a great time using them (along with everyone’s awesome efforts on art/UI/etc, haha).

Extremely strong concept with super solid art– most people are therefore fun and interesting to consider plus it had been enjoyable to catch on to where in fact the game ended up being going. The final discussion ended up being intense and honest and I had been held just attempting to see under Kale’s mask so much?!

We appreciate each ending in just exactly how it gets one to consider what might take place after, esp after seeing the end that is true thinking back again to the bad ends. There is a great deal to munch on in this VN that i believe is not hand-fed to you personally as being a audience that will be super good.

Overall, we enjoyed this and I also’m therefore happy to own another KICK-ASS circulated game away from you!

DCS. You’re constantly too friendly, haha, but i am delighted the characters were found by you engaging in addition to plot’s general scheme struggled to obtain you. These topics are certainly things i believe about a reasonable bit, therefore I’m happy I became in a position to do them justice for you personally as a new player without (in your terms) coming down as hand-feeding it to you personally!

ahhh i had a problem? it crashed on me personally and it also provided me with this:

codei’m very sorry, but an uncaught exception happened.

While operating game rule: File “game/script.rpy”, line 526, in script File “game/script.rpy”, line 526, in NameError: title ‘gradesflag’ just isn’t defined

sorry for the spam; but AH yeah its rlly gr8 up to now!

Don’t worry about it, you certainly are not spamming; this might be super helpful feedback and enabled me personally to correct a mistake you and another user both had! (It ended up being only an absurd typo, whoops.)

You can re-download the video game aided by the variation that is up now, which can be defined as 1.1, and ideally that bug should really be completely gone.

Thank you for your assistance! I must say I enjoy it.

A really interesting game, i need to state! Original concept indeed. We’ll play the role of as spoiler free as you can, if those who haven’t played the game look at this, therefore I might appear quite obscure at some point, but We’m pretty certain the game’s creators will comprehend pretty much the things I’m speaking about haha!

The art design is extremely sweet, and I also love the figures’ expressions. The environment is good too, so it makes sense we don’t see that much of it though it would have been nice to get to know it better, but well, the game is very short.

It took me personally some time to know the overall game’s gimmick concerning the endings, if you choose to tell him he must have nice plans or something like that instead of talking about grades because I started with Jeremy’s route, and there was an error. I became in a position to “ignore” the presssing issue, but I became worried one thing did not trigger, securing me personally onto one closing. Happily, i have tried one other figures later on, and it also aided. Nevertheless, i am wondering – does the video game only have real and endings that are bad or could I look for a “good” ( or any other) one too, somewhere? That real ending ended up being too heartbreaking, oh dear!

I was actually astonished in the explanations during the end, though. Whenever going right through the males’ paths, I became pretty certain just just what occurred during the final end ended up being because Kale was not convincing enough when returning to the dorm and due to the “failure” that happened. It absolutely was quite interesting to truly which makes it the exact opposite.

Wow, many thanks for the long and comment that is thoughtful! I will attempt to explain to you your entire points therefore ideally I address them; if there is one thing We missed, do not wait to inform me.

First, many thanks for the tip-off concerning the bug on Jeremy’s end of things! We adjusted the script to fix my buggy that is own typo and so the 1.1 version that is up now’s working efficiently by way of both you and Jei making responses about this. Better each day later than never ever! After your feedback, i have also gone in and included a web link in the beginning of the web page up to a content warnings/ending walkthrough post, to minimize the confusion hopefully. What is listed here, and the things I think your remark shows which you saw, is perhaps all there is of Cupid Date.

And I also’m happy the premise seemed interesting, haha! We absolutely might like to do more with one of these figures, and curently have plans in movement for the bigger world setting — I actually pulled the environment from a lengthier WIP — but i am glad you discovered that which was already here engaging adequate to notice it through. Commentary like this undoubtedly allow it to be all worthwhile, many thanks!