By Rachel Cieri

You don’t just date the guy; you date the entire fraternity when it comes to fraternity boyfriends.

Her Campus took a research the experiences of fraternity girlfriends to hand out the battles and successes of dating some guy who’s gone Greek.

Professional: Guy-friends galore

Elon University senior Katie Hatcher discovered in the beginning that being fully a fraternity gf intended significantly more than coping with her beau’s penchant for bowties. She came across her previous boyfriend of two-and-a-half years during freshman orientation, when he accepted a bid from a fraternity the next autumn, Hatcher quickly discovered her boyfriend’s brotherhood would become hers also.

The relationships he developed paralleled on her end, leaving her with a slew of male friends as her boyfriend earned his letters, embraced traditions and introduced Hatcher to the fraternity social scene.

“One bro believed to me, ‘The fraternity protects a unique, and you’re one of our personal,’” Hatcher says.

Also after she along with her fraternity beau split, she stayed friends using the men to who she usually provided advice, baked cookies for and turned to in tough times. “The fraternity got me personally throughout that breakup,” Hatcher claims. “They babysat me each step regarding the method.”

Elon junior Cece Fitzgerald claims her year-long relationship along with her boyfriend stretched her friendships together with his brothers. A lot of her sorority siblings are their shared buddies, finishing her Greek-esque social group.

“Hanging away together with them is one thing I’d be doing irrespective,” Fitzgerald claims. “It simply causes it to be easier him. that i’m dating”

Con: It’s almost a task

Aided by the benefits comes the responsibility of social duty. A fraternity gf is actually anticipated to devote the exact same commitment that her boyfriend pledged to the brotherhood, despite the fact that she’s maybe not usually the one using the letters.

“I went through pledging with him,” Hatcher says of her fraternity that is former boyfriend. “It ended up being very hard because he ended up beingn’t available. It absolutely was emotionally taxing, in which he had been exhausted most of the time.”

Pledging designed that Hatcher’s then-boyfriend missed events that have been crucial that you her, however the blame was frequently dumped on her behalf as he missed down on a fraternity event that is social.

He wasn’t going out, his brothers would call me to ask why,” Hatcher says“If it was a Friday night and.

“I think whenever you date someone in a fraternity, you should be prepared to date their buddies, too,” says Kate Hopkins, an Elon senior who dated a fraternity man at Georgia State University.

Pro: The girlfriends club that is

Fraternity girlfriends are just like cheerleaders at a football game – they’re not the event that is main but they’re a group nonetheless. After turning up into the exact same date events and dinners week on week, the girlfriends can’t assist but get acquainted with each other.

Every other Monday, a lot of the girlfriends would meet up to possess meal, and we’d either double- or triple-date every Wednesday,” Hatcher says of her knowledge about “the girlfriends’ club.“For a complete year”

Hopkins, who dated her previous fraternity boyfriend for couple of years, claims she experienced the exact same feeling of community with all the other girlfriends.

“The girls took me personally to their internal circle and had been like, ‘this is how it operates,’” Hopkins says. “It ended up being good to possess girls to hold down with when I was visiting.”

Con: contending with dudes for their attention

Any company may be a huge dedication, however some fraternities are as needy as Sammi and Ronnie on Jersey Shore, demanding a brother’s attention every waking minute. And therefore can leave a girlfriend feeling as an afterthought as opposed to the focus.

“There were times once I was at the frat house until three each day before he’d keep coming back and simply take me personally house,” Hopkins says.

Even if she ended up being visiting, her previous boyfriend would usually disappear completely for hours. There were points when she wished to make sure he understands “I’m here, too. You need to like me significantly more than them.”

Hopkins’s beau that is former from the comfort of their pledge duration up to a leadership place that left him always preparing the following special day and Hopkins feeling like they couldn’t getting away from the fraternity tradition.

That they can’t tell anyone, I felt like I was on the outside looking in,” Hopkins says“Because they have tons of secrets.

Fitzgerald, though, advises that most a gf has to do is keep some available room for man time.

“Let him do his own thing along with his fraternity,” she claims. “Of course he’ll desire to be him be together with brothers, then participate in later. to you, too, so let”

Pro: An Improved boyfriend

Greek Life might inform you that joining a fraternity does change you, n’t but that’s not at all times the actual situation.

Hatcher, whom came across her former boyfriend very long she thought the experience made him a better, more social person before he entered the bonds of brotherhood, says.

“I liked it because he had been constantly therefore bashful,” she states. “It taught him backbone. He was asserting himself more, and it also made him more taught and ambitious him just how to balance a schedule.”

Fitzgerald claims after serving their term as president of this fraternity, her boyfriend became alot more mature, having dealt with all the duties of their place. She states she thinks fraternity men gain a set that is strong of through the core concepts upon that your fraternity is created.

“I think guys highly tied using their fraternity make an effort to live by their ritual every day, and therefore aided us link for a deeper degree,” she said.

Con: The mob mindset

For since smart and mature while he might seem one-on-one, the fraternity boy is affected with the sporadic episode of idiocy and behavior that is less-than-classy.

Hopkins claims she saw her previous boyfriend do “a many more stupid stuff” as soon as he joined up with a fraternity.

“I think he set a tree on fire one time,” she says. “The old him never might have done that.”

Four Behavior of Highly Effective Fraternity Girlfriends

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